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Crooked Creek Cairn Terriers

The Cairn Terrier ("Toto") is small yet hardy, great with children, energetic, and not as vocal as some small breeds. They are a big dog in a little body. Cairns are loving, yet independent and love playing, exploring, or chasing squirrels. They adapt well to apartment living with regular exercise. A fenced yard or leash is necessary to keep them safe. Please purchase from reputable breeders, not back yard breeders or pet stores. We are each responsible for the issues of pet overpopulation by being responsible owners. As a breeder, I am responsible for the puppies that I bring into the world, ensuring they have a forever home and are loved and properly cared for.

Bringing Cairns from Our Home to Yours...

BreedImage Hailie_Louie125S MaggieMaisie125S Maggieface125S

We are retired from breeding

Thank you for all the wonderful memories!